9recordsでは、世界の様々な車輌に対応し実績のあるDimsport Technology社のシステム+テスターを採用しました。

1991年にイタリアで設立されたDimsport Technologyは、一般車輌、モーターバイクは勿論、競技用の車輌や、モーターバイク、スピードボート等のテスターとしても愛用されてきました。



Since 1991 Dimsport Technology supplies its partners with the best solutions to tune and customize electronics driven engines of cars, motorbikes, tractors, boats, LCV and trucks, as well as power bench testers for cars and tractors.

Our remapping and reprogramming systems allow a complete customization of your car: our solutions offer you a faster reaction of the engine while paying attention to fuel consumption.

Why car manufacturer do not offer "optimized" vehicles?

The answer is simple: from a commercial point of view the same engine will be launched with different power (HP) in different moments, so granting the manufacturer the possibility to widen its range; from a technical point of view instead, the manufacturer assumes that the car will be used at different latitudes with different ?qualities? of fuel, so needing to offer a compromise for the setting of original parameters that is going to work almost in the same way everywhere.

Therefore our mission is offering our customers the chance to gain better as well as customized performance for any vehicle: more torque at lower rpm conditions for a better acceleration or a softer remapping to reduce fuel consumption. All our services are obviously performed without compromising the vehicle safety, the life of mechanical/electronic parts and respecting anti-pollution regulations.